Photo Of The Day: Tranquility Base

Tranquility Base   Posted to Flickr November 15, 2014

A front passing out to sea adds a little drama to the beach at Southern Shores.  Aside from the sea creatures, there wasn’t another living soul out and about on this afternoon, not even a Sandpiper. Just the muted roar of the ocean. Now if that isn’t a base for tranquility, I don’t know what is.  Have a great weekend everybody and thanks for the look.

Photo Of The Day: Sailor’s Warning


The rain moved in that afternoon and it kept right on raining for the better part of the next five days. Depressing ain’t the word. Flash flood warnings went up across Eastern North Carolina and while we did not experience any flooding, the entire farm took on the look of a swamp.  Now, almost a week later with more rain on the way, we still have large puddles in the field.  Hope you are dry and comfy.  Have a great weekend and thanks for the look.

Nikon D800E/ 24-120 f/4 lens.

Photo Of The Day: The Weeds


The weather is as nasty and ugly as I have ever seen it in North Carolina and it appears we’re stuck with it for the balance of the week.  I’ve closed the blinds and busied myself with reviewing my archives of the past year’s shots.  I’m rather fond of this one, part of a shoot back in September.  The light, sky color and run away weeds in the field all combined for what to me anyway is a memorable image. I’m always amazed at how I overlook shots and really don’t notice them until later. Some nice surprises on an otherwise depressing day.  Thanks for looking in and have a good week ahead.

Photo Of The Day: A January Dawn

Field.14.0024.edited_edited-1Unsettled is probably the best word to describe the weather so far this new year and it hasn’t been exactly conducive to photography.  There’s been a few  interesting pre-sunrise skies here in coastal North Carolina but they’ve been short lived,   surrendering to  thick, wool like overcast conditions.  The cloud cover seen in the shot above is a perfect example.  Within a few minutes, it had blanketed the sky blocking out the sunrise.   Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.


Photo Of The Day: Land’s End

The Long and The Short Of it.

A view of the incredibly wide beach at Land’s End on the Southeastern tip of Emerald Isle, NC in the late afternoon on Christmas Day.  Visiting my wife’s family on the nearby  mainland Christmas Day presented the opportunity before dinner that evening so I drove over to the Island for a quick jaunt through the public beach access to be welcomed by the curse of  a blinding, cloud free sky.  The Sunny f/16 rule (100 iso, 1/125th, f/16) helped but more extreme measures were required along the lines of f/22 and 1/1500th.   I used the vehicle tracks to pull the eye into the shot. ( Permits can be had to allow driving on the beach presumably off season.)  Click on the shot to bring the vehicles and people at the far end of the island into view.  The f/22 aperture of course resulted in the sun star.  Sunset would have been the ideal time for a few shots but as luck would have it,  I had to get back for Christmas Dinner.  Always those mitigating circumstances.  Did I really just say that?

Merry Christmas and To All a Good Night


The Bluebirds were all snug in their nests as a surprise Holiday Snowstorm visited the farm some years ago.  Today, just cold rain, high winds and a thunderstorm or two.  Not a good day to be traveling.  Hope you and your loved ones have a safe trek to wherever you are headed.  Best Wishes for a joyous Christmas and a marvelous New Year.