Photo Of The Day: First Light Of Spring

BloggedSunrise on the beach at Southern Shores, NC on the Outer Banks. Nikon D600, 24mm lens


New JPEG Image File

There’s news of a new JPEG standard for digital photography.  JPEG 9.1 reportedly will support HDR and lossless compression Options.  This could upend the usual practice by a lot of pros including myself of storing images at TIFF or Tagged Image Files which is a lossless format.

Stay Tuned.

Thanks for the look and have a great evening.




Photo Of The Day: Spring Sparkle


Sunrise in a huge, bright red, formosa Azalea.  The days are tick tocking by very quickly and soon the Azaleas and the Dogwoods will be at their peak.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Photo Of The Day: Remains Of The Day

faa Blogged On the Beach at Duck, North Carolina.  The sand fences are arranged east-west to protect the dunes during Nor’easters.  Nikon D600/ 24-120mm lens.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.


Photo Of The Day: Warm Haze at Hatteras

BloggedBreakers at Hatteras on an extremely bright and hazy morning.   The vignette was added to soften the edges a bit and meld it with the haze that was very prevalent that day.

The world famous Hatteras Light was of course moved years ago from this spot at the edge of the Atlantic to a new site a half mile inland .   That the Lighthouse  has been preserved and restored is a good thing but I must admit, I do miss the fabulous compositions and perspectives of the Lighthouse that could be had when it was in in its original location.   Now one can only accomplish such iconic views through trickery in photoshop.

I was reminded of this recently when I picked up a copy of “Hugh Morton’s North Carolina” at a library book disposal sale.  Morton, who died in 2006,  was an environmental  developer and renown photographer of the film era.  Flipping through his book which I would guess is long out of print, brought back memories of  buying a loaf of bread then going to the beach upwind from the lighthouse, setting up the camera then tossing small chunks of bread into the wind  and snapping  the shot of the lighthouse with seagulls soaring;  or wading out into the ocean at low tide with a wide angle lens to capture the light from an ocean perspective.   At the time the move of the lighthouse was being debated,  I shared Mr. Morton’s disappointment that more effort was not made to protect the light at its historic location.  I’m glad the light survices but North Carolina lost a lot when it was moved.

Photo Of The Day: Spring Salsa

FAA Hard as it is to tear myself away from the Sunday New York Times, my easy chair and a cup of Chock Full Of Nuts Coffee,   I was determined to keep to my self imposed vow to stick to my blog schedule,  so here you go.     I shot this just the other day in some Oscar  winning light that had penetrated just about every nook and cranny of the camellia beds here on the farm.  The blooms, and there are hundreds, had the look of a sizzling cauldron of color.  Lord have mercy it was Kodachome reincarnated;  pushing all of  my painter wanna-be buttons.  Put on your shades  and click on the photograph to get the “Full Monty”!

I shot this with a Nikon D7100 and the workhorse 18-200mm DX lens.  Have a great Sunday evening and thanks for the look.