Photo of The Day: Incoming

Incoming Posted to flickr April 14, 2013 bloggedThe ocean heads for high tide on the beach at Duck, North Carolina.

For me, September has always marked the start of a new year much more so than January.  Vacation season is over for most,  kids are heading back to classes,  the weather begins to change, the politicians start with their nasty campaign ads hoping to go back for another go at screwing everything up and so on and so on.  For us here,  it signals the end of another long, hot, summer growing season and we get to relax a bit so I’m heading for the Outer Banks.  I usually have been able to get a way for a few days to the coast during the summer  but not this year. I’m overdue.  Many acquaintances to renew.   I’m taking the cameras and if the weather offers up a little cooperation,  I’ll get some shooting in.  It’s pretty stormy here in Eastern NC and it appears the nastiness will carry over into next week.   If so, I’m prepared.  I’ll nurse the single malt and finish up the two books that have gotten tired sitting on my nightstand.  I’m nearing the age, what ever that is, where the thought of just declaring myself old and staying home till the long snooze kicks in flashes in my mind sort  of like a lightning bug blinking in the summer evening.  Then finally, fall arrives, I head to Duck and the recharge begins.  There’s internet where I go but I purposely don’t hook up.  No distractions. Just a good, complete recharge.  See you late next week maybe with some decent shots.  In the meantime,  Happy New Year.

Photo Of The Day: Premonition

Premonition Posted to flickr September 2, 2014Dawn breaks in Twilight Field,  so named because the dawn looks like a sunset looks like Sunsets.  The colors and the clouds offer hints that perhaps Autumn is not that far away.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Photo Of The Day: Dawn in Twilight Field

Dawn In Twilight Field  Posted to Flickr August 25, 2014

If this looks incredibly muggy and humid to you it was.  I had an Aunt in Virginia who said days like this were “close” and you know, it’s true.  It was close like being crammed in a room with no air.   It reminded me of a James Brown concert I went to in May of 1968 at American University.  It was scheduled to be an outdoor concert but rain forced it inside.   3 thousand of us crammed inside a gym.  James Brown wasn’t the only one sweating.  Within a few minutes, I was totally soaked.  Dripping wet.  I peeled off my shirt and told Tracey, who was with me   “We might as well have stayed in the rain”.   It was probably the most miserable concert I have ever been to.   The field on this particular morning was just about as miserable.   Stay cool if you can.  Thanks for the look and have a great Holiday.


Photo Of The Day: Fall Preview


It was actually chilly in the fields this morning.  The haze was gone.  The heat took a vacation.  It was a welcome preview of October.  It won’t last.  We’ll head back into the 90’s by the weekend but this really did bolster my spirits.  This view is to the Northwest.  That’s one of the barns here in the distance.  The little specs of yellow in the foreground are cotton blooms which will soon pollinate themselves, turn pink then fall off as the cotton boll is formed.  Nikon D600/ 18-35mm. Thanks for the look and have a good week.


Photo Of The Day: Top of the Dunes

Sunrise On The Dunes Posted to Flickr September 11, 2013 72

Sunrise as viewed from the top of the barrier dunes at Southern Shores.  The view is toward Kitty Hawk just down the beach.  Looks like we’re in for an end of season Tropical Storm ore more likely, a hurricane.  Hopefully it will veer to the northwest and deal us just a glancing blow. Always the weather here.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Nikon D600. 24-120mm f/4.

Photo Of The Day: Sea Oats Sunrise

Sea Oates at Duck Posted to Flickr August 9, 2014

Sea Oats seem to have some magnetic power over me.  I find myself forever drawn to them when I am out on the beach with a camera.  It was no different on this particular morning.  The bright morning sun and the golden hues of the sea oats proved irresistible.  No filters on this one, just the Nikon D700 with a 24-120mm f/4 lens.

By the way, If you have owned a D700 as I have since the camera was released in 2008,  you’ll be pleased to know Nikon has finally heard our pleas and is releasing an update.  To be called the D750,  it is set to be announced later this month or early next.  Resolution doubles to 24mp with a faster frames per second shooting speed and hopefully the top of the line Nikon Auto Focus system.