Photo Of The Day: Sunrise in the Cat Tails


I found myself hiking down to the wetlands on the edge of our farm before dawn one morning last week.  The latest episode of my never ending quest this time of the year to find a suitable setting for a sunrise shot that would not hinge on the dead, dull, brown hues that dominate the landscape here.  The cat tails gave me an idea.  I set my tripod in the foot deep water and shot the above sunrise.  We actually had a few wisps of clouds that morning that produced some nice color in the sky and coupled with the silhouettes of the cat tails made for rather decent shot.  Presto, no dull, dead brown color.  Nikon D800E with a 24-120mm f/4 lens at 24mm.

Have a great week ahead. See you next time.

Photo Of The Day: Winter At Duck

Winter At Duck

Sunset over the barrier dunes at Duck, NC on a very cold day.


My wife asked me the other day to give her my list of Photography wants for Christmas.  It was a short list.   There were only two items on it.  One a couple of two inch wide camera straps in a Navojo design  from Capturing Couture . I don’t like walking around advertising the fact that I have a rather expensive rig around my neck;  so yes, a two inch camera strap or two.  My only other need is a  32 gb   Compact Flash Card for my D800E.    She couldn’t believe it.  “That’s it!!!!  After decades of book length photography Christmas wants,  that’s the best you can do.”  I told her it would be fun to have one of those 600 mm monster lens so I could play like I was Art Wolfe or something but honestly……   Well hold on,  Yeah, that new Nikon 20mm f/1.8 would be nice.  “Well that’s a relief”,  she said,  “I was beginning to think there was something really wrong with you.”  Hey, I tried.

Stay warm my friends.  See you next time.


Photo Of The Day: Last Bastion of Color

Schizophrenic trees.  Posted to flickr November 18, 2014.

When I was taking photography 101 at American University in Washington, DC a bazillion years ago,  the instructor who was a shooter for the Washington Post and Newsweek Magazine told us to always remember to look up and turn around.  Sometimes the shot is right there waiting for you! That’s particularly true this time of the year when the Autumn colors are slowly beginning their transition to shades of gray as winter approaches.  These are maples on the farm in all their late fall glory thanks to the setting sun. A simple little shot.  And all it required was to look up.

Thanks for the look and have a great week.

Nikon D800E Camera. 24-120mm f/4 lens set at 24mm.

Photo Of The Day: A Rural Perspective

A Rural Perspective Posted to Flickr October 30, 2014

I’m addicted to Sunrises. I’m up just about every morning checking the pre-dawn sky and if I see a few clouds, I’m on it.  I had noticed the high grass along one of the paths to the field beyond and I knew the sun would come up right in line with it so that’s where set up my tripod and Nikon D800E Camera.  I used a Nikon 24-120mm lens set at 31mm.  f/22 which gives the sun the star effect; exposure was 1/80th which for me anyway requires a tripod. I’m pretty steady up to 1/60th but beyond that, gotta use the SLIK tripod.  Manual exposure setting using spot metering.  I take my reading on the bright section of sky away from the sun and lock the exposure;frame up the shot and shoot it.  ISO was 400 with Auto white balance.  Nikon cameras do very well in my opinion using the auto white balance.  I was pleased with the results.  A perfect example I think of the Sun making a shot.  It even makes the weeds look good.

For all of you stateside, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  And for everbody, have a great weekend.  See you soon on most of this same blog.

Photo Of The Day: The Christmas Card

Resident Reds   Posted to flickr November 20, 2014  I start thinking about the birds around this time every year when my Christmas Card comes to mind.  My attention wanes during the spring and summer when I am more focused on what we’re growing here and of course the beach and the sound which are always uppermost in my mind.

I use a photograph of a Cardinal on my Christmas Card every year which I send to old friends and clients and what bird better conveys the holiday season than a male Northern Cardinal in his new red suit.  These guys are my choice for this year.  They were braving the cold snap in a bare River Birch Tree here on the farm.  I caught them with a Nikon D7100 coupled to a Nikon 70-300 mm lens which on the small sensor D7100 is the equivalent of a 400 mm plenty of power to bring him up close and personal.  My cards won’t go out until the second week of December but for all of you, an early peek.

Need I say this photograph and the entire collection of Cardinals and hundreds of other shots   are available for cards or prints or framed shots etc via my web site.  Just click on “John Harding Art Prints” and off you go.

Forgive the plug. It pays the bills.

Have a Great Holiday Season.  See you next time.