Photo Of The Day: Sand Fences

Winter  Posted to Flickr January 12. 2014    Like soldiers standing guard, the Sand Fences protect the vital barrier dunes. New arrivals have come to reinforce those who have done their duty.  Late fall on the beach at Duck, North Carolina. Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Photo Of The Day: Another Outher Banks Sunrise

obx14.0138.edited_edited-1Wish I had a nickel for every one of these I have photographed over the years.  They’ve never been big sellers for me on my site.  There must be millions of these on the net but still, I cannot resistt.  There is just something about a sunrise over the ocean that pushes all of my buttons.  Thanks for the look and have a great mid week.

Nikon D600. 18-35mm lens.

Photo of The Day: Currituck Sound at Duck

BloggedI’m always attracted to the various textures at play along the soundside of Duck. Close in to the shoreline, the water is  so still it mirrors the sky while further out, the wind creates brush strokes on the water.  A very peaceful scene compared with the raging Atlantic on the other coast but not always.  This old tree with its rootball  serves notice that violent weather is often a visitor here.  Click on the photograph for a larger view.  Thanks to all who visit.  I wish for you a very peaceful weekend.  See you next time.

Photo Of The Day: Sand Fences

Sand FencesSand Fences along the barrier dunes. On the Northern Outer Banks, they are usually positioned east west on the dunes to protect against Nor’Easters which in the normal course of events cause more damage to the beach and dunes than hurricanes.  I was attracted to these by the slant of the slats picking up the morning sun.  Lots of footprints but no people to be reckoned with this time of year.  Thanks for the look and have a great week.

Photo Of The Day: The Gazebo at Duck


I’m such a sucker for this abandoned structure in the Currituck Sound at Duck, NC.  I must have taken a hundred shots at various angle at different times of the day and I still find myself drawn to it.  In its day, this offered a magnificent view of the Sound until a hurricane took out the walkway and the floor of the structure.  Amazingly, the roof has survived.  I can’t remember if it was Hurricane Isabel or Irene.  This is taken in late afternoon light in mid September.  Now, its left to the Sea Gulls.  Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.

Photo Of The Day: September at Duck

BloggedJust back from a week at Duck/Southern Shores on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I was blessed with phenomenal weather despite or perhaps, in spite of the weather prognosticators who kept predicting a washout.  I think I spent more time out with the cameras this time than I ever have; out twice a day roaming the banks for hours on end.  I filled up three 16 Gb SD cards and two compact flash cards.  With weather like I had, it was hard not to snap a keeper.  This is the dawn on the beach at Duck September 15th.  Sorry for the tilted horizon. Too much Blue Moon Beer.


New Camera from Nikon

Nikon has released the D750,  supposedly the replacement for the legendary D700 which was released years ago.  I loved the D700 and while the new camera has most of the bells and whistles one would expect in a professional/consumer level camera, the non-pro body left me cold.   I passed on it then along comes B and H Photo Video in New York where I buy much of my photography gear with a terrific deal on a factory refurbished Nikon D800E.  It was too good to pass up so I traded in my faithful D700.  Nikon’s advertising for the D800E was to the effect that “you’re going to shoot everything all over again.”  I believe it.  The resolution is mind blowing.  I’m already thinking about a return to Duck to reshoot everything.

Thanks for the look in and have a great week ahead.