Photo Of The Day: Fall Preview


It was actually chilly in the fields this morning.  The haze was gone.  The heat took a vacation.  It was a welcome preview of October.  It won’t last.  We’ll head back into the 90’s by the weekend but this really did bolster my spirits.  This view is to the Northwest.  That’s one of the barns here in the distance.  The little specs of yellow in the foreground are cotton blooms which will soon pollinate themselves, turn pink then fall off as the cotton boll is formed.  Nikon D600/ 18-35mm. Thanks for the look and have a good week.


Photo Of The Day: Top of the Dunes

Sunrise On The Dunes Posted to Flickr September 11, 2013 72

Sunrise as viewed from the top of the barrier dunes at Southern Shores.  The view is toward Kitty Hawk just down the beach.  Looks like we’re in for an end of season Tropical Storm ore more likely, a hurricane.  Hopefully it will veer to the northwest and deal us just a glancing blow. Always the weather here.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Nikon D600. 24-120mm f/4.

Photo Of The Day: Sea Oats Sunrise

Sea Oates at Duck Posted to Flickr August 9, 2014

Sea Oats seem to have some magnetic power over me.  I find myself forever drawn to them when I am out on the beach with a camera.  It was no different on this particular morning.  The bright morning sun and the golden hues of the sea oats proved irresistible.  No filters on this one, just the Nikon D700 with a 24-120mm f/4 lens.

By the way, If you have owned a D700 as I have since the camera was released in 2008,  you’ll be pleased to know Nikon has finally heard our pleas and is releasing an update.  To be called the D750,  it is set to be announced later this month or early next.  Resolution doubles to 24mp with a faster frames per second shooting speed and hopefully the top of the line Nikon Auto Focus system.

Photo Of The Day: Cotton Flowers

Pink Cotton  Posted to Flickr August 7, 2014

The unmistakable buzz of Crop Dusters was back this weekend, a sure sign the season’s early cotton is maturing.   The planes loaded with defoliant swoop, down strafing the fields with the chemicals to defoliate the plants leaving only the stalk and the boll of cotton.  Its the final step in a cycle  that begins with a white or pale yellow flower which then pollinates itself and  turns a bright pink before the maturing boll pushes the flower off and cracks open revealing the cotton fiber inside.  The boll then matures and opens revealing what most of us think of when we see cotton, the white cotton puffs like one sees in the drug store.  We’re always late planting cotton so our crop has not yet finished the pollination stage.  The Crop Dusters won’t be buzzing us until late September and often harvest only comes just after New Years.  So for now, we have lush green fields dotted with pink cotton flowers just as you see above.  Have a lovely Sunday and thanks for the visit.

Photo Of The Day: Cottonfield Sunrise


Back on the farm for this one.  The mornings have gotten a bit cooler and a few clouds have started floating in at dawn generating some nice hues.  It’s a nice change from the summer norm of cloudless skies and haze.  This shot in what we call the High Field where cotton is planted.  The plants are now about 3 to 4 feet tall with the leaves a very deep green. Makes for a nice match with the golden tones in the morning sky.  Have a great evening and thanks for the visit. .

Photo Of the Day: September Sunrise


From September of last year.   Meantime, the nonstop string of cars, trucks and campers loaded with all things beach clog the beach road heading in both directions. The goers and comers have one more month,  then the all clear signal will go up and I’ll head back to renew old acquaintances.  Hope you have a great Sunday. And thanks for the look.

Photo Of The Day: Atlantic Sunset


This view to the northeast was far more colorful than the actual sunset over the Currituck Sound.    Nikon D700 with 18-35mm at 18mm.  Thanks for the look in and have a great Sunday Evening.